Hi! I’m Kelsey. I’m a 20-something first time Minnesota home owner who is attempting to document all the remodeling, DIY-ing, furniture building, and sometimes disaster causing projects my husband and I take on.

We moved into our house in June 2015 and plan to be here for awhile so we are doing our best to make it our own. I decided to start documenting our home improvement projects because I enjoy a good before and after picture and our families were always wanting to see the latest changes we had made to our house. Our weekdays consist of going to work (I’m a CPA and my husband works in sales) and then coming home and working on whatever house project we have going on. And on the weekends, we go into full on weekend warrior mode. Maybe not the typical 24 year old lifestyle but we love it. We are learning as we go but I thought it would be nice to share our DIY successes and sometimes not so successful attempts at making our house our dream home without spending a fortune! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions as I do my best to document our home improvement projects.

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