Coffee/Bar/Beverage(?) Cart

I am definitely a fan of the bar cart trend. I have been eyeing some for awhile now, especially this other one from Target! It doesn’t really go with my space and I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use it. I wanted to go more of the “coffee bar” route and when I saw the one below on, I thought I could oddly combine the two. So it turned out to be a multi-purpose bar cart. A little confusing but, oh well, it ‘s more functional for me.

beverage cart

It’s on wheels so if you really wanted it to function as a cart, you could make it work. The two medium sized shelves have slots for wine bottles. I flipped one over for more glass storage (and I need to stock up on some wine I guess!).

bar cart

I originally was going to turn this little corner in my kitchen into some type of command center with shelves and baskets for mail, hooks for keys, etc. but for now this is my happy place in the mornings. And nights, let’s be honest.

beverage cart

I put out my “fun” Lily Pulitzer glasses and straws to add a little color since I’m boring and a lover of everything monochromatic.

bar cart

I was going to print my own coffee and/or wine signs but saw this one at Hobby Lobby and thought it was perfect! (and gray so I obviously had to have it)

coffee cart

I think it is so cute! I was looking for similar bar carts online and some were crazy expensive but this was reasonable and is ON SALE right now here!


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