DIY End Table

Here’s an idea for simple end tables that you can make yourself for cheap! We originally made two of these as temporary tables for our living room a few months ago but I ended up liking them enough to not look for other ones.  But I wouldn’t feel bad getting new ones because these only cost $10 in wood each! Yes, it ended up being about $3.50 for the top, $3.50 for the bottom shelf, and $3 for the 2×4 that makes the legs and “X.”

end table

The legs are simply a 2×4 cut down an inch so you don’t look at it and automatically recognize that it is a 2×4 slapped with some stain.  The legs are 21.5″ tall. The X’s on two sides and the base around the top are bottom are 2x4s cut down to 1.5 x 1.5″.

side table

The table top and bottom shelf were made from 1×4″ pine. We cut them an extra inch long, glued and clamped them together over night, and than ran them through the table saw to get the exact dimensions we wanted. The top piece that sits on top is 20 x 20″ and the bottom shelf is 15 x 15″ so it sits inside the outside base. And of course stained in my favorite Minwax Dark Walnut stain!

end table

I’m hoping to finish up a farmhouse dining table this weekend so I can post step by step how we made it. Check back for that post next week! Have a great weekend!


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