DIY Farmhouse Dining Table

Every weekend has been filled with a new project for me lately. I have been seeing farmhouse dining tables everywhere lately and I love them! I am nearing the end of a kitchen remodel and was using a temporary dining table and after drooling over so many cute farmhouse ones, this got pushed to the top of the To Do list. Of course I wanted to try to make one and the windchill here in Minnesota was about -20 so we half built it in the garage and then moved it inside to finish it and stay warm! There are a lot of plans out there on how to make these. Jack and I looked at some pictures and mix and matched some pieces to include in ours.Farmhouse Dining Table

farmhouse table

We started by picking the straightest boards we had and cutting a little bit off each side of 15 different 2″x6″x10″s. Then we cut them to be 8 of them to be 62 inches long. A lot of the tables I saw online used fewer, wider boards but I liked the idea of having more.

table saw

8 boards were cut to 62 inches to lay across the top, 2 boards to about 39 inches to go on the ends of the table top, and 8 boards at 31 inches for the legs.

Wood cuts

We used a kreg jig to screw the boards for the table top together.

kreg jig

Once all of the boards had holes drilled in them, we laid out how we wanted the final top to look (upside down) and screwed them together. Notice the blood on the end of one of the middle boards that we had to sand out after a slight mishap.

table top

Then we went back with a knife and ran it along all of the seams to emphasize them and really look like a farmhouse table. And we sanded the entire thing like crazy to be super smooth.


The legs were made from the  2″x6″s we had already trimmed down for the top, bottom, and center. The vertical piece of each leg is 22.5″ tall.

Partial Table Leg

We added the “X” and tried to make it line up on either side of the center. Most of the tables I saw online did not have this part lined up but I thought I would always notice that if mine was off. I’m OCD like that.

Table Leg

We stained the table top in Minwax Dark Walnut and the legs in Minwax Ebony stain to be slightly darker.

Stained Top

The base was brought inside and assembled there so we could make sure everything was centered and the right size (and it was just really cold out!) The piece that attaches the two legs is 2 2″x6″s cut to 40 1/8 inches.

Table base

We then screwed in the table top and measured the two last pieces for underneath the table.

Farmhouse Table Base

Farmhouse table

And to finish it off, we put on 2 coats of satin finish clear polyurethane on the base and 7 coats on the table top.

farmhouse table

Farmhouse Dining Table

I love this table! And the hardest part about making it was making sure the pieces of wood we used were as straight as possible. It was a fun piece to make and is one that we can use for a long time. Now I just need to find some chairs to go with it and figure out a cute centerpiece to add! Any ideas are definitely welcome 🙂 Have a good week!


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