DIY Ottoman

The first big furniture purchase of my house was a new couch and love seat. And I looked everywhere for a big ottoman to go with it that was firm enough to act as a coffee table (set plates and water glasses on it) but was also soft enough for it to be comfortable to put your feet up on. I finally found one that I liked at a furniture store…and it was $900. So I decided we could make a similar one ourselves for so much cheaper. The inspiration one had wood legs and a leather top with nailhead trim. We tried to copy it exactly but the fake leather material we got looked cheap and tacky so we took it off and re-did it in a patterned fabric. I wanted it pretty big so it could serve multiple functions at one time so this one is about 48.5 x 37″. We made this a few months ago so I don’t have pictures of the process but here is the final product:


We started off building the base out of maple. The legs are 2 pieces of 1 x 2.5″ to make it thicker so a total of 2 x 2.5″. The rectangle base is 1 1 x 2.5′”. The “X” in the base is just one maple 1×2″ screwed to the legs using a kreg jig. We then stained it using MinWax Dark Walnut stain and a clear gloss MinWax Polycrylic on top of that.

ottoman legs


The padded top is 3/8″ closed-cell foam laying on plywood and then covered in fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. We wrapped the fabric and foam around the plywood top and used a staple gun to secure it on the back. This way, we can take out the staples and change out the fabric if we want a different pattern or if there is a big spill. We tried to keep it interesting by cutting the top into different pieces that fit together rather than having one big rectangle.


After we screwed down the covered pieces on top, we put nailhead trim around the entire thing. We cheated and used the nailhead trim from JoAnn Fabrics where you only nail in every 5th nailhead and the rest are fake. I don’t think I would have the patience to nail in every single one!


And that’s it! The one at the store was $900 and we made this for about $65!

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