Master Bathroom Shower

The shower in the previous master bathroom was TINY. It didn’t help that it was in a little separate room in the bathroom that was separated by a pocket door and contained only enough room for the little fiberglass shower and a toilet. Our main purpose in renovating the master bathroom was because we wanted a new shower. Preferably a larger shower so that is why we took out the wall and pocket door to open up the space in order to expand the shower.

We started by taking down the wall and pocket door separating the shower and toilet from the rest of the bathroom. This is when we realized it was a load bearing wall and had put in a header the whole way across the room and over the shower. There is a little bump down from the ceiling in the shower due to this beam but we figured we could live with that and it was better than having some type of column or other wall.

Old wall removed

Old shower head location

Support beam

After we measured out how big we wanted the shower to be, we vapor barriered the floor and the walls, especially because the shower head and pipes are along an exterior wall.

Next, we built the shower curb to keep water from getting on the rest of the floors. This was done by screwing together 2 2x4s and screwing them into the floor as the outline for the shower.

We used Durock cement board in the floor and walls to serve as a water-durable tile base.  It is moisture and mold resistant, pretty light, and can be screwed to the floor and walls which made it great to use in a shower. We could not use the cement board on the curb because it made it too big and we hadn’t planned for that. So instead, we used wire mesh reinforcement and cement to form the curb over the 2x4s.

Shower curb

I was dead set on having some sort of niche in the shower wall to hold soap and shampoo bottles and we almost forgot to include it! At this point, we cut out the cement board in between two studs in the wall to make the niche.

IMG_0219 (2)

Then we put a rubber shower liner down on the floor and about halfway up the shower walls.

Shower Build Diagram

After that, we layed cement mesh tape on the seams of the cement board and mudded them using cement.Cement board

We poured concrete on the shower floor to slope towards the drain. We tried to get it to be about a a half inch drop from each side to the drain.

After the concrete was completely dry and set, we waterproofed the entire shower floor and walls with RedGard. It was a little expensive but it adds another water resistant layer to lay the tile on. At this point, we technically could have been able to take a shower since there was about 3 layers of waterproofing in. Better safe than sorry!


Then we tiled! We got all of our tile from Home Depot. We used large 24 x12 inch tiles on the walls, smaller square tiles on the floor to make it easier because of the slope to the drain, rough stone tile for inside the niche, and border tile for around the niche. The border pieces were super fragile and I thought they were expensive so we had to be really careful in handling them so they would not crack in half. We had some extra stone tile left so we added a border around the shower and I think it gives it that extra customized touch.

Shower tile

Once the tile was set and grouted, we installed the frameless glass shower door according to the instructions that it came with. We ordered the shower door off of Amazon to get a great price and it was delivered quickly. We installed it ourselves but it took awhile…we went through 5 different drill bits because they kept breaking trying to drill into the tile!

master bathroom shower

shower door


I love the way the shower turned out. If we did it all over again, I probably would have made the wall niche larger to fit more in it. I’m still able to fit everything in it without having bottles on the floor but it would be nice to have some more space. This was the first complete shower we have remodeled so we went a little overboard on the waterproofing but we did not want to leave anything to chance. The shower is the main focus of the bathroom so I am so glad we took the time to do it right and and frameless shower door gives the look of luxury!

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