Master Bathroom Vanities

Before we even moved into our house, we knew our first project would be the master bathroom. As in literally the day we were handed the keys, we started demo.

One thing we really wanted was two vanities. I mean, everyone says the secret to a successful marriage is separate vanities, right? In the old space, they had a small sink and vanity on one side and a huge soaker tub on the other.
IMG_3803 (2)

old vanity

I knew I would never use a bathtub and we have one in another bathroom upstairs so we were okay with getting rid of it altogether.  To keep costs down, we built the vanity face frames ourselves. They are made out of poplar wood which is pretty inexpensive but a relatively hard wood so it does not dent and accepts paint well. After we had the face frames built, we measured  and ordered the cabinet doors online from They are great quality, heavy doors and I am very happy with them.


This is where the old vanity was before. We kept the new one in the same place but just made it bigger. We moved the old vanity into our workshop to use for storage and as a workbench.

We decided to do larger cabinets on one side of each vanity to store towels and enclose an electrical outlet so I could hide my hair straightener, blow dryer, etc. in there without having to move it around to plug them in all the time.  We originally were going to keep the top shelf open  and display some cute bathroom decor but we decided it just looks unfinished so we have doors ordered to finish it off.


This is where the old tub was.

The countertops are quartz and we got them for a steal! We found them on Craigslist from a company who was putting them in a brand new apartment complex but the shipping got delayed and the apartment building had to get them elsewhere to stay on schedule. So the countertop company had hundreds of these quartz bathroom vanity tops including the sink bowls that they were selling for $200 each just to get rid of them!


Two vanities!

Two vanities!

I am so glad we got rid of the bathtub so we could each have our own vanity. We can both be in there getting ready at the same time and there is no having to deal with the other person’s nasty toothpaste residue left in the sink. Your sink, you clean it 🙂

Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!


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