Side Yard Drainage Tile

Our weekend went like this: go to Menards and load up the truck with mulch, come home and lay mulch, go back to Menards and load up the truck with mulch, come home and lay mulch, and repeat. 160 bags of mulch later, we are done! It all started when we wanted to put a drain on the side of our house because the ground sloped towards the house and there was a little bit of moisture in the basement utility room when it rained. The side of our house is pretty shaded and grass won’t grow there so we decided to put down mulch.

We first had to dig a trench about 8 inches deep and 8 inches wide so that it would fit the drainage pipe. We ran it all the way from the back of the house to the front of the house where it starts to slope away.

Drainage pipe

We then laid rock on the bottom of the trench to help the water flow better and keep soil from getting compacted around the drain tile. We have rock going around the house that we eventually want to replace with mulch so we just used that rock since we already had it. Smaller rocks would have worked slightly better but this will do. We also added dirt near the side of the house so it sloped away from the foundation.

Drainage pipe

Then, we wrapped the drainage tile in landscape fabric to keep dirt and roots from getting in it and attached a downspout adapter to the end where it slopes away from the house.

Drainage pipe

We put more rocks on the sides and top to promote better water flow.

Drainage pipe

You can kind of see how it slopes down and away here:

Drainage pipe

We covered it back up with dirt and packed it down but made sure it was still sloping away from the house.

And for the part you can actually see, we put in landscape border on the ends of the area we had just dug up and laid down landscape fabric.

Drainage pipe

And lastly, we laid down the mulch. We got the mulch from Menards in the dark brown color that was on sale for $2 a bag.Drainage pipe

We expanded the side yard area that was bordered off before because grass wasn’t growing in the shaded parts. We mulched the whole area and I love it! I just need to get some plants in there and then I’ll post the final product of the rest of the yard!


  1. Robin says:

    Lots of hard work! A stepping stone path would look great on that side of the house. I have lots of hostas, ferns, astilbe and coral bells for you when you are ready! If you would like some hydrangea I have that, too!

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