White Baseboard

Weekends are for bigger projects like the farmhouse table in my last post. But on weekdays, after I come home from work, I’m usually only up for small projects (or binge watching HGTV). Changing out the baseboards is something we have been doing here and there whenever we find time.

When we first moved into our house, all of the trim was golden oak like the picture below. I LOVE white trim so we are slowly moving from room to room and replacing the old oak with white! We didn’t want to paint the old trim because we knew we would have to be touching it up in the future and it wasn’t very wide.
Oak Trim

We ripped off the old oak trim to start new. To keep everything low cost, we buy 4×8′ sheets of MDF and paint them white with Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint in “Origami White.” Worth the price.

Then we rip them into pieces that are 4 3/8″ tall. This way, we do all the time consuming work at once and then we have the pieces that can be cut to length as needed whenever we do part of a room.

Painting Baseboards

We use a nail gun to attach the baseboard to the wall. When two pieces meet, the end of each board is cut at a 45 degree angle so they fit together nicely.


On the wood floors, we also added a piece of quarter round moulding along the floor. To make it look like actual baseboard, we then put a piece of decorative moulding on the top of the MDF.

White Baseboard

Fill the nail holes and that’s it! No more oak trim! It has changed the whole feel of every room that we have done it in and it isn’t breaking the bank. It updates the room and makes it feel so much lighter and brighter than before. Has anyone else replaced or painted their baseboards or trim?


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