White Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen finally looks finished now that we got all of the cabinet and drawer doors on! We had a few that we had to reorder because some of our measurements were a little off so it took a little longer than expected….We kept the lower cabinet boxes and face frames, and Jack made the upper boxes and frames so that’s why we only needed to order the doors.  We got unfinished ones and painted them ourselves  so it was cheaper and we could get the exact color we wanted. So here are how the drawer doors came:

unfinished drawers

We sanded all of the doors and then wiped them off with a tack cloth before priming them. We did 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of Sherwin William ProClassic paint in Origami White (watered down 10%), and 2 coats of clear satin polycrylic. Each door was lightly sanded and wiped off again before each coat. We had an assembly line going where I would place a door on the table, Jack would spray it, and I would move it to wherever it it was going to dry.

painting cabinets

When I was sick of walking up and down the stairs to the basement with every single cabinet and drawer door, Jack made some makeshift shelves on the ladder so we could keep everything in one place. What a gem he is.

cabinet shelves

We ordered our cabinet doors from Barkerdoor.com. They are the “San Francisco” doors on the website. They normally come with 2 5/8″ rails and stiles, but we spent a few extra dollars to get 3 inch wide rails and stiles. The “rails” are the horizontal pieces on the top and bottom of the door, and the stiles are the vertical pieces on the left and right of the door. The panel is the flat piece in the middle.

painting cabinets

Jack built the upper cabinet bases and face frames so we taped everything off  with lots of masking tape and the cut up cardboard boxes that the doors were shipped in and sprayed those and the window trim white to match the doors.

painting cabinets

We installed the doors with soft close hinges so I don’t have to listen to slamming doors every time Jack puts away the dishes. Oh wait, that’s usually me 🙂

FullSizeRender (1) (2)

white kitchen

White Kitchen



cabinet doors

I got the stainless steel cabinet pulls from Overstock.com for about $2 each. When I was looking for them at some of the bigger home improvements stores, they were almost $7!
white cabinets

It was a long process but it’s finally done! My dishes and pots and pans can move out of the hall closet and into their rightful places.  It took many many coats of paint and clear coat and many many trips up and down the stairs but they look great now and it finally looks like my kitchen is complete!


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