Cabinet Organization

Now that all of my kitchen cabinet doors are on, I’ve been working on organizing all of my pots and pans and figuring out where everything should go. When we remodeled, we knocked down a wall that had upper cabinets so we lost all of that extra space. We gained some storage in the island but I was still looking for ways to maximize my lower cabinet space. Then along came Pinterest and I saw the perfect way to hang my pots!

hanging pots

Jack was the one that figured out how to do this and it’s actually pretty simple. He used leftover 1″x4″ pine and screwed a regular drawer slider to it that we used for the rest of our cabinet drawers. It is screwed to the inside of the face frame on the front and to the back of the cabinet box in the back. We also added the small block on the front to tidy it up and make it easier to pull out. I might also add a small handle to the front block at some point, but it works great as it is. He screwed in some hooks on either side and that was it! Now I can hang my pots side by side and still have room to store things below.

pot holder

We also put up some dividers in the lower cabinet next to the oven to keep the cookie pans, muffin tins, and cutting boards. They are so much easier to take out now without having other pans piled on top! The divider ends still need to be covered up with melamine edge banding but that will come eventually.

cabinet dividers

My favorite cabinet organization solution is this toaster drawer. Toasters aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing small appliance and there always seems to be crumbs on the counter around them. I wanted a spot to hide it away but still make it functional to use.

toaster drawer

This drawer makes is super easy because it is placed in a cabinet next to the fridge. We were able to drill a hole in the back right corner of our cabinet box and run a small 6′ extension cord through the hole and plug it into the concealed outlet behind the fridge. It’s nice that it can stay plugged in all of the time. This way, all you need to do is pull the drawer out to put in your toast and there is no moving it to the countertop at all.

cabinet organization

To make it, we used scrap 1″x4″ (actually 3/4″ x 3 1/2″) pine for the frame. We cut the 1″x4″ lengthwise to create pieces 3/4″ x 1 1/2″. Next, we cut them to length and screwed them together. Jack got a little lazy on this one and said that the Kreg pocket hole jig needed some rest and he pre-drilled the pilot holes and screwed the frame together through the face. You can see the screws, but it is incredibly strong and concealed nearly all of the time, so I let it slide on this one 🙂 After the frame was made, we added a 3/4″ piece of birch plywood and made sure it fit really snug. We added a few screws on each side to secure it to the frame. A quick sanding and 2 coats of Minwax Polycrylic will keep this sliding shelf durable for many years to come. The 2 drawer sliders are attached to either side of the drawer and screwed into the cabinet.


toaster slider

These 3 organizational solutions have made it okay that I lost some cabinet space. And they don’t take much to do them!


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