Under Cabinet LED Lights

My kitchen is ALMOST done! Still missing a few cabinet doors here and there but hey, you can’t have everything right? 😉

When I’m in a room, I turn on every single light possible. The more lights and the brighter, the better. One piece of lighting that I was unsure of at first though were LED lights under kitchen cabinets, islands, etc. At first I thought it was gaudy and pointless but after much (a little) convincing, I was sold.

kitchen lights

LED lighting

island lights

LED lights

And they change colors! There are 16 different color options. So fun.

purple island lights

There’s a “flash” setting where the lights automatically change from color to color. I’m not really sure that we would ever use that seriously but our granite installers called it a party 🙂

red island lights

The LED strip lights are from Menards and we got them on sale for 60% off! The strips came with a self-adhesive backing but by the end of the day they were already falling off  of the cabinets so we super glued them and that has held so far! They are simple to install and come with a small remote that allows you to turn it on and off, dim it, “flash” it, or set it on just one color. I think I’ll try to color coordinate with football teams, holidays, etc. when we have people over. And if we don’t feel like being so over-the-top, we can just turn them off and nobody would ever know…


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